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Back in 2008, Kevin Gates was little more than an underground rapper with aspiring dreams of recognition and greatness, having just released his debut album Pick of Da Litter the previous year. Hailing from Baton Rouge Louisiana, he faced some already rising competition from the surrounding area, like Webbie and Lil Boosie. However, Gates never gave up even while facing legal troubles, and continued making his music for 4 more years until he saw a real breakthrough, when he signed to YMCMB after well-known star Lil Wayne noticed him. This move was the launch of Gates being noticed in a mainstream light. The year following, he released The Luca Brasi Story, which garnered the attention of many new fans.

Gate’s popularity began to skyrocket as he started to cement his own unique style and place in rap history. His song lyrics often reflect upon issues he personally faced, and range from violence and drugs, to more soft-hearted issues like his emotional insecurities, depression, and anxiety. These raw professions are what set him apart from the typical ‘sex, drugs, and money’ style that many cliché rappers tend to adopt. Folks like to hear about struggle, humility, and other relatable human traits that he exhibits in his music. By connecting with listeners on all these levels, Kevin Gates has been changing the rap game entirely. He’s added emotion and feeling back into it. And after the success of The Luca Brasi Story, he went on to release his next big project Islah. The record was delayed for some time due to business reasons, but when eventually released in 2016, it saw two songs going double platinum, with the record itself going platinum as well. Plus, his music hasn’t stopped there, and continues to be of influence as he releases new tracks, including 3 new ones this month. Who knows how big of a star he’ll be in the future?

If you haven’t heard his new EP check it out below.


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